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Sean Buvala

Storyteller, Publishing

Sean Buvala works with others to help them speak their truth from the stage or bound-up in the page.

Sean Buvala's Bio:

You're going to find the most updated information about Sean Buvala at Sean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1986. He started his work by accidentally using active storytelling to convert a classroom of slightly (but comically)  homicidal 8th-grade teenagers from angry kids to storytelling practitioners themselves. From then on, both the kids and Sean were sold on the influence of a great story.From kids in classrooms to bosses in boardrooms, from presenting workshops for global salt miners to consulting with Ph.D.’s in pharmaceuticals, Sean has told and taught stories in nearly every industry and setting. He’s been the boss (and janitor) of a non-profit organization and is currently the publisher at "The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC.”Along the way, there has been some award-recognition and the authoring of a growing pile of books, articles, audios and videos. Traveling internationally (meaning that he’s been to Canada), he makes his home in Arizona with one wife with whom he has raised four great young adults.Sean is a recognized expert as a storytelling practitioner and get-you-focused coach. You’ll appreciate his down-to-earth approach as he uses the world’s oldest art form to teach you to memorably engage your audience and build up your business, classroom or life’s focus. You're going to find the most updated information about Sean at

Sean Buvala's Experience:

  • Publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC

    Publisher speciailizing in books for the arts and creativity.

Sean Buvala's Education:

  • Prescott College

    Activities: communications and storytelling

Sean Buvala's Interests & Activities:

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